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State College, PA AM Listings

The following are AM stations that serve Centre County, PA. Clicking on a station's call sign will send you to that station's website. An asterisk (*) next to a station's frequency denotes a non-commercial station.

Call Sign Community of License Class
& Ant.
of Oper.
 ERP (Watts)
Owner Format/Status Nickname/Notes
970 WBLF Bellefonte, PA D
Day 1 1000 Dame Talk "News Radio"
 Simulcast of WRSC, State College, PA
Night 1 74
1260 WPHB Philipsburg, PA D
Day 1 5000 Moshannon Valley  Country Petition filed to move to expanded band
Night 1 34
1340 WTRN Tyrone, PA C
All 1 1000 Allegheny Mountain  Standards -
1390 WRSC State College, PA B
Day 1 2000 Dame Talk  "News Radio"
Night 3 1000
1450 WMAJ State College, PA C
All 1 1000 Forever Talk/Standards -

Surrounding Markets: Williamsport, PA - Lewistown, PA - Altoona, PA - Du Bois, PA

State College, PA FM Listings - State College, PA Arbitron Ratings

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